COVID-19 Operations

We're Working at Full Force to Prepare for Fall 2020

Facilities Operations maintains the physical infrastructure of Appalachian State University, providing a clean, functional environment for our students, faculty, and staff. 

On June 2, 2020 our mandatory staff returned to normal working hours.  We're glad to be back and have changed up our work practices to protect ourselves and the campus community by:

  • limiting social contact where possible
  • checking all employees' temperatures prior to the beginning of every shift, and
  • requiring face coverings as part of our uniform. 

New Operations & Improvements to Campus

While we continue to provide our typical services, many additional preparations for opening in the fall are underway, including:

  • Plexiglass shields:  Carpenters are building and installing shields in public-facing areas like ticket booths, cashiers counters, library check outs and receptionist areas.
  • Classrooms and common area furniture reconfigurations: Teams are rearranging furniture to provide more distance between students.   Shrink wrapping furniture to keep it from being used is one solution in our toolkit.  This serves as a visual reminder that distancing is now required.  It's a particularly good solution for auditoriums with fixed seating.
  • Cleaning staff increases:  We're hiring!  and increasing our cleaning staff by 55%.  Beginning in August, new employees stationed across academic buildings will be in constant motion wiping high touch points such as elevator buttons, door handles, restroom fixtures and classrooms.  Know a good candidate? An application for one of the 50 temporary custodial positions is available here
  • Hand sanitizing stations: are being added to high-traffic areas like building entrances.  Carpenters are creating 300 stands that can be repositioned as traffic demands.  Note that we are buying local hand sanitizer to circumvent supply chain issues and to support the local economy.
  • Cleaning supplies to departments:  So that academic departments have EPA-certified cleaners for self-use in their areas, each department will automatically receive (a) a 32 oz. container of hand sanitizer; (b) a supply of hospital-grade disinfectant; and (c) industrial paper towels.  These supplies will be automatically refilled by custodial staff and there is no charge to your department unless the dispensers themselves must be replaced.  Note that additional cleaning supplies are not available through the Central Warehouse/Yomart.  Please submit any requests for specialty cleaning supplies beyond those listed here through AIM.  Some items, such as wipes, are unavailable at this time.
  • Fresh air exchange in buildings:  HVAC controls programmers are hard at work creating new ways to bring fresh air into our buildings this fall.  Currently, most buildings are operating under "set back mode" during the summer, using minimal heating and cooling to conserve energy use while buildings are mostly unoccupied.  Savings now will offset increased costs this fall as our building systems will work harder than ever to condition fresh air.

As summer continues, buildings that house the student clinic, post office, University Police, and other spaces where staffing has been approved to return by university administration are being disinfected on a daily basis.   We're hard at work cleaning windows, repainting, waxing floors and re-arranging spaces to improve traffic flow and encourage social distancing.  Campus will be different when you return, and we hope you like the improvements.  We are looking forward to welcoming you back!

--Your friends at Facilities Operations