Who’s Not Blowing Off Steam at the End of the Semester?

Congratulations, Faculty and Staff.  We salute you and your creativity, your endurance, your sense of humor, and your ability to just plain get it done.  And we hope you’re all going to blow off a little steam this weekend.  You have soo earned it!

Who’s not blowing off steam this weekend? 

Facilities Operations.  Because.  It’s our job, steam is.

Steam Plant shut down May 16 & 17 Saturday and Sunday for annual maintenance.

We’ll be hard at work in the steam plant this weekend.  If you were going to be on campus you would notice:

  1. A lack of hot water (except in Varsity Gym, which is solar)
  2. A little humidity in some buildings

If you were with us in the steam plant you’d notice:

  1. A new deaerator, pump, tank and piping being installed
  2. How incredibly clean our floors are

But wherever you are this weekend…

We’re wishing you the best.

Now that this term’s recessed, 

It’s time we this expressed:

We’re just brilliantly professed.


Virtual Hugs, and thank you, respect!

Facilities Operations

Published: May 11, 2020 9:00am