Need Trash Removed / Recycled

What can I recycle on campus?

Special items can be recycled at special collection points.  Here's a recycling guide as to what you can put in our mixed recycling.


Departmental "Clean Outs"

Summer "Clean Out" is a busy time for recycling and trash pick ups on campus. 

  • Request a bin on wheels to make your clean out easier.
  • Submit your prefered bin drop-off and pick up dates through AiM.
  • Advance notice is required since your office is not on our regular route.
  • This service is FREE.


Confidential shredConfidentially speaking...

Confidential shredding is a service we provide for a minimal charge to your department, but you will need to submit a work request

  • Confidential bins with locked tops are provided to your department for FREE.
  • A $39 fee is charged each time we collect a 64 gallon confidential bin.
  • Advance scheduling for pick ups required.
  • Do not mix non-confidential documents or other recyclables in with confidential papers. Learn more.
  • Do not leave your confidential documents in a hallway or public place.


We're Trashed.

Hallway or work room bins need attention?  Give us a call!  Your hallway bins are checked by custodial staff twice a day, but if you see bins that need immediate attention, please call 262-3190 or click here.


minibinMinibin for me, please. 

Since switching to the minibin system in March 2013, we've tripled our recycling in many buildings. Don't have a minibin or recycling trash can for your office? Give us a call at 828-262-3190, and we'll get you one on the double.


Zero Waste by 2022.  We're committed.

Our University is leading the way. We can use our App State "city" as an example to show our neighbors how committment to eliminate waste--be it energy waste, resource waste, food waste or other waste--can be successful.  Click here to link to Sustainability and learn more.