Nomination & Selection


Who Can Nominate a Candidate for Recognition?

Anyone can nominate an outstanding facilities employee by submitting an Employee Award Nomination Form. The more anecdotes and details you can provide, the better!

Self nominations are not in the spirit of the award and are not accepted.


How Are Employees Selected for Awards?

Submissions are reviewed quarterly by the Employee Recognition Advisory Board made up of representatives from multiple offices across campus. The Board selects an employee each quarter to be honored. Employees of the Quarter are automatically nominated for our highest honor, Employee of the Year. Because we never want to limit the field when recognizing excellence, additional candidates may also be nominated and considered for this honor.

Employee Recognition Criteria

We'd like to recognize our non-supervisory staff that embody any combinations of these great qualities and actions.

This person is willing to assist with tasks outside of their job description to benefit the university as a whole. Other examples: Can be relied upon to return to work during emergencies. Is scrupulous and honest in accounting for time.

Demonstrably takes responsibility for the entire campus beyond a specifically-assigned area. Keeps tools and/or supplies inventoried and in good order. Finds ways to maintain tools, trucks, uniforms, etc. so they perform better or last longer.

Spreads good cheer while keeping it professional. Uplifts co-workers. Supports students. Delights Customers. This candidate has probably received "staff shout outs" or other praise from customers. Promotes teams and teamwork to improve outcomes.

Finds new ways to make good use of what is at hand. Examples: Applies for and receives grants. Generates ideas that are implemented to save money. May create a database, a manual or a communication process that improves workflows. Never brings a supervisor a problem without also bringing one or more possible solutions. Is not afraid to lead.

Finds ways to change processes in order to reduce wastes of time, materials, or supplies. Finds ways to recycle materials. Reduces pollution or chemical use. Creates healthier environments for students, employees, wildlife or plants.

Helps a new employee adapt. Teaches a co-worker a new skill. Serves as a sounding board for others and keeps confidences. Passes knowledge about the university along to the next generation.

Improves the community at large by serving as a volunteer.

Minimum Qualifications

  • Must be employed in Facilities Operations, Planning Design & Construction, New River Light & Power, or be a non-supervisor in the Facilities Management division.
  • Has been employed in one of these Facilities divisions for at least 12 months.
  • Has not received the award in the last 12 months.
  • Is regular, full time staff (not temporary or part time).
  • Is not a supervisor.
  • Received an overall rating of "Meets" or "Meets and Exceeds" in last evaluation.

Deadlines for Submission

  • March 10 - for April Quarterly Award
  • June 10 - for July Quarterly Award
  • Sept 10 - for October Quarterly Award
  • Dec 10 - for December Quarterly Award as well as Employee of the Year

Selection Committee

The Employee Recognition Advisory Board reads quarterly submissions and selects each winner by secret ballot. Board members rotate yearly and may include representatives from:

  • Staff Senate
  • Student Affairs (Housing)
  • Human Resources
  • Office of Sustainability
  • Building Manager Group
  • Faculty Senate
  • Student Body

The following individuals are permanent members of the Employee Recognition Advisory Board:

  • Associate Vice Chancellor of Facilities Management
  • Directors and Supervisors of Facilities Management, Facilities Operations, New River Light & Power, and Planing, Design & Construction


Employees of the Quarter

  • A certificate of recognition
  • A uniform-quality Appalachian State University baseball hat embroidered with "EOQ Month Year".
  • Our employees tend to be humble, but everyone appreciates a great cap, so this is our way of honoring their service without too much bragging
  • Lunch with the supervisor / administrator of their choice

Employees of the Year

  • Receive plaque thanking them for their service
  • Have their name engraved on a brass plaque on our wall of honor
  • Receive a $100 gift certificate