tree researchAppalachian's trees are carefully monitored and cared for by University Arborists.  Click here for announcements about tree removals.  Click here to see a map of all the trees we monitor on campus.

Not only do trees make our campus beautiful, they clean the air by sequestering carbon, they reduce energy costs by keeping our buildings shaded in summer, and they create a natural playground for students and staff to enjoy.

We strive to keep our trees thriving.  Unfortunately, many of our favorite activities--when done in excess--are detrimental to trees;

  • Climbing in trees
  • Hammocking in immature trees
  • Hanging slack lines

Even foot traffic can have adverse effects on trees when the soil around the roots becomes compacted.

How can you help?

  • Stay on sidewalks and avoid compacting soil around roots
  • Hammock only on branches with a 10"+ girth
  • Don't slack line in spring when trees are growing new tissueStudents Plant Trees on Broyill Music Hill

Tree campus logoSINCE IN 2014:  Appalachian's Landscape Services has achieved the prestigious "Tree Campus USA" designation. We couldn't have done it without the enthusiastic and sustained support the Department of Biology-THANK YOU.  

Questions about trees?  Our arborist is Chris Erickson 828-262-8828.